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I'm technically proficient

...despite certain attitude issues

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phoning home [RP for Lee]
standing in the elevator
After three hellish days in detox, Abby is finally feeling well enough, relatively speaking, to settle into a routine of sorts at the inpatient rehab center she's checked herself into. Throughout the detox process, throughout the tremors, nausea, debilitating headaches, and insomnia, all she's thought of (other than having a drink) is Lee and Lily. She's cried more than she'd ever admit, missing her husband and daughter and home almost to the point that she feels it physically. She almost regrets saying she needs to do this alone, but knows she'd never be able to do it if this wasn't her decision and hers alone.

But she still needs them. More than she's ever admitted to herself before. She takes a shower, subconsciously wanting to be fresh and clean for her first allowed phonecall after a successful completion of the detox process. She makes her way from her room to the main floor where she waits, impatiently, for her allotted time slot to begin.

When she finally gets on the phone, she freezes for a moment, her fingers forgetting what to do, what numbers to dial. When she shakes herself and dials the familiar numbers of Lee's phone, she can feel her heart banging around in her chest. What can he think of her now? Maybe he won't even want to talk to her. Maybe he's relieved to be rid of her and the mess she's made of her life. She wouldn't blame him, and she can feel her palms sweating as she listens to the phone ring.

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He nods as he self consciously brushes a hand over his thigh. Sore most of the time, stiff a lot. Animal bites are slow to heal, you know. And I'm not doing myself any favors by being on my feet in the OR all day. It's fine. I'll be fine.

She nods, pursing her lips as they stand in the hallway. Would you rather go back and sit down?

No. He reaches over to pull some of Abby's hair out of Lily's mouth. Walking's fine. You know me, I don't sit still very long.

She's used to having something readily at hand for Lily to chew on rather than her hair, fingers, or clothing, but she doesn't now. She brushes her hair over her other shoulder. Yeah, I know...maybe you should, if you're wanting it to heal faster?

He looks at her almost helplessly, not knowing how to just take it easy if he's not actually incapacitated. Old dog, new tricks...I'll be all right, baby.

She narrowly avoids an eyeroll. I know, I know...To Lily, And your daddy thinks *I'm* stubborn.

You are. He smiles at her then kisses her cheek lightly, not sure what the protocol is here with regards to intimacy. But I've always liked that about you, your determination.

That's a nice way of putting it. She remarks lightly, knowing her stubborn streak hasn't always meant good things for their marriage.

I do generally try to be nice to people. He offers just as lightly, trying his best not to turn this visit into anything not pleasant.

I know. She holds Lily on her hip, reaching out tentatively to hold Lee's hand. Physical contact between patients at the facility is forbidden, but she doesn't know the rules about visitors and frankly doesn't care at this point. She just wants to touch him.

He closes his fingers over her hers, squeezing gently as he rubs his thumb across the back of her hand. Have I mentioned how good it is to see you?

She squeezes his hand back, looking at him gratefully. It's good to see you, too.

I've missed seeing you hold her. He smiles at Lily as the little girl looks around at the new surroundings.

She presses a kiss to Lily's cheek, inhaling her baby scent as she does. God, I've missed holding her.

She's been trying to climb out of her crib. He wrinkles his nose at Lily as he smiles. Standing on her stuffed animals to get some height. She's clever.

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