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I'm technically proficient

...despite certain attitude issues

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phoning home [RP for Lee]
standing in the elevator
After three hellish days in detox, Abby is finally feeling well enough, relatively speaking, to settle into a routine of sorts at the inpatient rehab center she's checked herself into. Throughout the detox process, throughout the tremors, nausea, debilitating headaches, and insomnia, all she's thought of (other than having a drink) is Lee and Lily. She's cried more than she'd ever admit, missing her husband and daughter and home almost to the point that she feels it physically. She almost regrets saying she needs to do this alone, but knows she'd never be able to do it if this wasn't her decision and hers alone.

But she still needs them. More than she's ever admitted to herself before. She takes a shower, subconsciously wanting to be fresh and clean for her first allowed phonecall after a successful completion of the detox process. She makes her way from her room to the main floor where she waits, impatiently, for her allotted time slot to begin.

When she finally gets on the phone, she freezes for a moment, her fingers forgetting what to do, what numbers to dial. When she shakes herself and dials the familiar numbers of Lee's phone, she can feel her heart banging around in her chest. What can he think of her now? Maybe he won't even want to talk to her. Maybe he's relieved to be rid of her and the mess she's made of her life. She wouldn't blame him, and she can feel her palms sweating as she listens to the phone ring.

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She smiles a little at that. Yeah, of course.

He snorts quietly. Promise me you won't laugh to loud?

She looks up at him, smile turning into a slight smirk. Do I have to?

He sighs, his eyes twinkling with humor. I guess not. Your coworkers nearly needed O2 afterwards.

She's chuckling already. Oh, now you *have* to tell me.

He smiles at her, the situation funny enough to him now that he can see the humor in it. Well...seems that a certain nurse we know was working triage and couldn't handle a patient that came in with an impaction of sorts.

She groans. Oh, this can't end well...

Hush, I'm trying to tell you a story. He teases as he hands Lily his keys, giving the girl something to play with as she sits on Abby's lap. Anyhow, the patient was passed on to an attending we both know, newly board certified at that. He couldn't think of anything to do to relieve the situation either, though I think once he took the proper H and P he may not have wanted anything to do with the patient or his spouse. He's purposely being vague, enjoying this now.

Abby strokes her fingers gently through Lily's curls as she listens, quietly amused, to Lee's story.

I got paged to come help them out, obviously being better qualified and far more mature. He snorts as he recalls what happened. I thought it was a trauma page since they were in trauma 2. I responded, as usual, with promptness only to be rewarded with something I'm not quite sure how to describe. He's gesturing with his hands now, waving them in front of himself as he describes what he had walked into. The patient was on his stomach, gowned and draped, posterior elevated and exposed, which honestly, I could have done without seeing. Nice of them to neglect the use of a privacy screen.

She snorts softly, amused at the way he's telling the story, vaguely but with great expression. Your daddy is doing what we call 'embellishing,' Lily. She winks at him.

He gives her a sidelong glance, feigning irritation. Do you want to hear this or not? I could tell you about the gastric bypass I did on a four hundred pounder instead. Took three med students just to hold the layers of fat back from the field.

She makes a face, shaking her head. No...come on, keep going...She feigns impatience.

You're loss. He shrugs, happy to talk about either case, really. So I walk into the trauma room and before I can ask what the situation is, the patient coughs and the next thing I know, I've been smacked in the head with *something*, the patient sighs with relief, his wife groans and Pratt's trying not to choke on his laughter. Sam? She's doubled over and in danger of turning blue from the way she's laughing and not breathing. I'm still standing there trying to figure out what happened.

Oh my god...She looks warily at him. What was it?

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