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I'm technically proficient

...despite certain attitude issues

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I need help [RP for Lee] (spoilers for tonight's ER)
standing in the elevator
After a strangely jarring conversation with the new hospital chaplain, Abby finds herself taking the elevator upstairs, to the surgical department. Making her way to her husband's office, she waffles outside the door, pacing, stalling.

It's not until she sees one of the surgical nurses casting a curious look in her direction that she knocks softly on the door, then pushes it open. She takes a deep breath, running her fingers through her hair, and lets the door close behind her as she steps into Lee's office.

She begins to speak but has to clear her throat before she tries again.
Hey...how's the leg feeling? She approaches her husband slowly, gesturing to his injured leg.

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He gets out of the car and comes around to help her with Lily. I'll get her...

She nods, stepping aside to let him get their daughter out of her carseat.

He keeps up the happy chatter with Lily as he gets her out of the car, adjusts her coat and mittens and finally holds her close as he pushes the car door shut. Giving Abby an expectant look, he nods at the building. You ready for this?

She nods again, leaning in to kiss Lily's cheek, then takes a deep breath, steeling herself as they begin to walk up to the building.

He shifts Lily a little higher on his hip and places his free hand against the small of Abby's back as they walk, only letting go to open the door for her. Instead of steeling himself for what's coming, he simply adopts the air of detachment he uses with his patients. It's easier.

She feels his detachment and attempts to adopt the same. She steps into the building and waits for him to do the same before walking towards the reception desk.

He follows her to the reception desk, pressing a kiss to Lily's cheek as the little girl looks around curiously. As he watches Abby he tells himself to get her checked in, say good bye and leave. Don't linger and just get this over with.

She gets herself checked in and hands over her bag for inspection by the attendant who meets them at the desk. She hates the feeling of violation, even though she understands the reasoning for searching the patients' belongings. Once the bag is handed back to her, she turns back to Lee and Lily. So...I'll call you when I can...

He nods, bites his lip. Looks away for a moment then leans in to kiss her cheek and to let her kiss their daughter good bye. Call me any time, my phone is always on.

She turns her head to kiss his lips lightly, nodding. I know. I love you. She says it to both Lee and Lily, and then kisses the little girl as well. Be good for Daddy, Lilybug.

I love you too. He clears his throat as he stands up straight again then tries to coax the little girl into saying farewell. Say bye bye, Lily. Tell Mommy bye bye...

Bye bye, baby. She tells the little girl. She won't cry, not now, not in front of her daughter and husband.

He lets Lily wave before turning away from Abby and heading back across the lobby to the exit. Why did he want to come with her? All it did was hammer home how much he's going to miss her.

She watches them leave, waving at Lily until the little girl turns as well. Then she lets the attendant take her into the facility, though she wishes she could have followed them back out the door.

He won't let himself turn around or look over his shoulder. He does wrap both arms around Lily and hug her tightly as they go back to the car. He can't hold his wife so he'll hold their daughter. She's who he'll focus his concern on. She's who he'll have to look out for if Abby can't pull herself together in rehab. Oh, Lily...let's hope Mommy can do this.

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