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I'm technically proficient

...despite certain attitude issues

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I need help [RP for Lee] (spoilers for tonight's ER)
standing in the elevator
After a strangely jarring conversation with the new hospital chaplain, Abby finds herself taking the elevator upstairs, to the surgical department. Making her way to her husband's office, she waffles outside the door, pacing, stalling.

It's not until she sees one of the surgical nurses casting a curious look in her direction that she knocks softly on the door, then pushes it open. She takes a deep breath, running her fingers through her hair, and lets the door close behind her as she steps into Lee's office.

She begins to speak but has to clear her throat before she tries again.
Hey...how's the leg feeling? She approaches her husband slowly, gesturing to his injured leg.

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She looks at him for a long moment, wanting to remember the expression on his face. I love you too. She says it with just as much conviction.

He chews the side of his lip, the way he always does when thinking or worrying. Is there anything I can help you with?

She looks down, thinking. Um...I need to make some calls...maybe you could find my suitcase so I can pack a few things?

He nods, wanting this for her because she needs the help and dreading it at the same time. He doesn't want another prolonged separation from her. I can do that. Which one do you want? The set we took to Cabo or the smaller bag?

She shakes her head; she can't imagine she'll be needing too much. The smaller one's fine.

All right. He runs his hand down her arm before turning to carefully make his way upstairs. He knows where the bag is but he'll afford her the privacy she wants to make her calls.

She sits at the kitchen table as she calls various rehab programs within the city. She finds one that has a space for her, and is told she can check herself in as early as tonight. She arranges to check in in a few hours and hangs up her phone, making her way upstairs to look for Lee.

He's in their room, sitting on the bed staring blankly at her empty, open suitcase, lost in thought.

She enters their room, sits down on the edge of their bed, handing him the paper on which she's scribbled the name, address, and phone number of the facility she'll be at. I can check in tonight. She says softly.

He takes the paper from her, committing the information to memory. He' surprised that she is able to be admitted so soon, there's usually a wait list for these facilities. Tonight? Well, when the sitter gets back with Lily, we can have her stay longer. I'll drive you.

Her immediate reaction is to say no, she'll drive herself, but she thinks better of it and nods. Okay...Thanks.

He looks at her, surprised that she didn't say she was going to drive herself. I know this is...necessary, but I'm going to miss you.

She nods again. I'll miss you too.

He closes his eyes and shakes his head. He's still having a hard time accepting this isn't his fault. I'm sorry...

She shakes her head, frowning. You don't need to be sorry about this.

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