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[locked from Lee]
scoop and run smile
Well, since Barb shared pictures of her first boyfriend, I figured I'd do the same. It's obviously no secret that I, too, am a sucker for guys with long, curly hair.

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ooc: ficlet
Author's Note: Nasty, nasty plotbunnies. This directly continues from the first half of dr_hair's ficlet. Like said there, who knows what's eventually going to happen with Abby and Lee in the actual roleplay. This is just another possible route things could go.

With apologies to T.

dr_hair wrote:
Don't pour another drink.

Come have one.


As they stared each other down, she despised him for this. She hated feeling mocked. Exposed. She almost looked down to see if she was still clothed. Instead she gazed unflinchingly into his eyes. For once she couldn't read what was there.

He expected her to deny his challenge, she knew that much. He was taunting her, rubbing her face in something he knew she couldn't have.

Why should I deny myself the forbidden, when you didn't?

She took one step into the kitchen. Watched as he filled his glass again. Salt in the wound. She could almost taste it as he swallowed it down. She'd fucked him out of spite; she could admit that to herself, if not to him - and here he was, doing the same to her. Her eyes flashed. Angry. Dangerous. Warning. Daring him to make her do something he'd never forgive her for.

Another few steps and she was standing in front of him, almost too close. She glanced at the bottle on the counter. He bought the good stuff. Expensive. Not like the cheap, tasteless stuff she'd settled for back then. Back then. She didn't have to settle anymore. He'd always wanted her to spend his money.

She reached for the bottle, didn't bother with a glass. As she felt the cool liquid touch her lips, she knew what she was throwing away. Five years of sobriety. Problem was, she didn't know what else this would cost. She saw the look of mild shock on his face and swallowed. Like a cliche, it burned as it went down. The feeling was all too familiar.

They could hear Lily begin to wail from the nursery upstairs. She flinched slightly. Something crumbled inside.

She raised the bottle to her lips again.

[rp for Lee]
It's been a few weeks since she's returned home, and Abby has been growing increasingly restless night by night. She hasn't slept well in Sophie's room, save the first night she'd been back, but up until tonight she hasn't given herself the option of sleeping elsewhere. She knows Lee wants her to come back to bed with him, but she's been cautious about any step she's taken with him so far, guarding herself against additional hurt from a person she no longer trusts completely.

But tonight, as she tosses and turns, her mind keeps returning to the man in the master bedroom down the hall. She appreciates that he's backed off, given her time and space like she's asked him to, but now she finds herself craving his nearness, his familiarity, his embrace. She pushes back the covers and gets out of bed, hugging her arms to herself as she makes her way quietly out of the bedroom and down the hall. She has no idea if Lee is sleeping, and the idea that he might be awake sends her walking back to Sophie's room again.

Several times she repeats the same routine, padding down the hallway to the master bedroom only to chicken out and return to the other bedroom. As much as she knows it's time she sleeps near her husband again, she's wary of sending him the wrong message. And she has no desire for stilted small talk or awkward explanations as she slips into bed with him.

Finally, she makes it all the way to the door of the master bedroom. Listening carefully, she eventually convinces herself Lee must be asleep, and she quietly opens the door and pads silently to the edge of the bed. She's relieved that he appears indeed to be sleeping, and her heart squeezes a little to see him holding her pillow to his chest as he lays there. She lifts the covers carefully and slips into bed, attempting to move the mattress as little as possible as she does. Though she wishes she'd thought to bring a pillow from Sophie's bed, her own being in use here, she settles herself next to him, as close as she can without touching. She can't help a small sigh escaping as she pulls the covers back up over her.

An open letter to all County employees
Dear everyone,

-My husband and I are working on our marriage. Yes, our marriage.
-No, I do not need or want your advice, your place to stay, your bitching, or your prayers.
-Mae Lee Park is not pregnant with my husband's child. It's simply not true. She's lying to cause a gossipy scandal, and thanks to all you idiots, it's worked.
-I am fine.
-Lily is fine.
-The stupid cat and dog are fine.
-None of this has anything to do with any of you.
-Stop sticking your noses where they don't fucking belong.
-Yes, I am talking to all of you.

Abby Dubenko. Or Abby Lockhart. Whatever the hell you want to call me, stay the hell out of my personal life, unless you've been expressly invited to participate.

[RP for Lee]
Abby has Lily on her lap as she aimlessly surfs the internet. She clicks on Lee's journal out of a sort of morbid curiosity, rolling her eyes and muttering to herself when she realizes her husband had posted while drunk. She scrolls down the numerous comments, mostly finding herself growing irritated at Lee's alcohol-induced self-pity.

It isn't until she reaches his conversation with Chapman that she starts growing more and more angry. And not just angry, hurt. Again. Her eyes fill with tears several times and she has to wipe them away as she continues reading. She's never known the extent of his frustrations with her, and half of her doesn't believe what she's reading, the other half just doesn't understand why he couldn't have talked to her about it. And instead he slept with her. She can't help wondering if he really would have slept with Allison Chapman had he had the chance.

Finally she can't read any more; she's nauseous as she shuts her computer, sitting back in the chair at her small kitchen table. She clutches Lily to her chest, disappointed when the baby would rather play than cuddle. She sighs, reaching for a plush rattle on the table in front of her, handing it to the baby who shakes it with a loud squeal of laughter.
Oh, Lily...What am I going to do?

As Lily plays with the rattle, Abby reaches for her phone. She doesn't know whether to focus on her anger or her hurt as she dials Lee's number, taking measured breaths in attempt to calm herself.

(no subject)
hand on forehead
I got drunk dialed today. By my husband.

You know, that's not something I ever thought I'd say.

Completely not in the mood for that. At all. He's the sloppy depressed drunk type. It's oh so fun, only not at all. So I turned off my phone.

My voice mail's full now. Three cheers for maturity and restraint.

[the following locked from everyone besides Neela]

I miss you. I love you. Come home. I swear to god, a couple actual calls and upwards of twenty voice mails and that's all he said. It's ridiculous. As if getting drunk and sobbing into the phone countless times makes up for fucking a med student.

[RP for Neela]
standing in the elevator
Early April - continued from here

As she drives towards Neela's apartment, her car packed with bags for both her and Lily, Abby keeps up a one-sided conversation with the baby in the backseat, attempting to keep her mind off the reason she's making this trip. She chatters to Lily almost mindlessly, telling the little girl that she'll like staying with Aunt Neela, and keeping a running commentary about the places they're passing on the drive.

When she reaches her old apartment building, Abby finds a parking spot on the street and turns the car off, letting out a long sigh, the enormity of the situation hitting her hard as she looks up at the building. Her eyes well with the tears she's kept at bay since she left the house and she swallows them back, turning in her seat to face Lily.
Well, baby girl, this is it. She gets out of the car and gathers the baby from her carseat. She also grabs the smaller of the bags out of the backseat, figuring she'll bring in the rest of their things once she doesn't have the baby in her arms.

She kisses Lily's cheek and walks up to the front door of the building, freeing a hand to press the buzzer for Neela's apartment. Her stomach turns as everything hits her again, as she thinks about explaining the situation to her friend.

[locked from Lee and Mae Lee]
I don't know how he can be so fucking...stupid. God, even Morris sees it. At first I thought I was crazy, you know? Reading too much into things, overreacting. How he was touching her. Flitting around all pleased as punch. He's never even touched me like that, not while we're working. But I'm not overreacting. Unless all of County is overreacting with me.

Mae Lee. Mae Lee. Oh, how cute.

I should call Eric. He'd kick his ass. I could kick his ass, but then I'd have to live with him after.

I'm pissed off. And when I'm done being pissed, this is just going to hurt like hell.
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[private entry]
hand on forehead
After thirty years he's back in my life.

I didn't ask for this. I made my peace about my father long ago. And suddenly he's back and where is my peace? He wanted to see how I turned out. Wants to get to know me. Well, I turned out fine if I do say so myself, no thanks to him, and I don't let just anyone get to know me. Especially not just because we happen to have some of the same genes. The most significant contribution he's made to my life was the sperm; does that sound like I'd want him in my life now? That I should even trust that's what he really wants from me?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Except he's sick. He's dying. I tried to help him, but maybe not as hard as I should have. Not as hard as Lee wanted me to. He needs to be on oxygen, he needs to see a goddamned pulmonary specialist but we all know we can't do much for patients who refuse treatment.

Maybe I should have driven him to his hotel. Or back to County. But I didn't. I shouted at him and said I didn't care and let him walk away. Lee thinks I'll regret that later. Well, fuck regret. He doesn't deserve my regret. Let him die; I won't try to stop it. Hell, maybe I'll fly Eric out and he can stumble drunk and manic into his grave. Wouldn't that be entertaining.

Who am I kidding? I care. I hate that I care. What am I going to tell Lily when she asks why she doesn't have a grandpa? What am I going to tell myself when it's too late to know him anymore? I tried to call him and his phone's disconnected. I guess it is too late.

a visit from "Grandpa" [rp for Lee and Sophie]
David Wyczenski gets out of the cab in front of the Dubenkos' house. He'd been able to easily get their address since the phonecalls he'd received from both Abby and Lee, and despite Lee's insistence that he not come near Abby again, he can't help but want to know more about his estranged daughter. As he walks up the drive towards the front door, he tells himself he'll honor Abby's request that he not contact Eric, if only he's able to have another conversation with the woman. He double checks the number above the door before ringing the doorbell, stifling a cough as he stands, waiting in the cold air.


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