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[RP for Lee] (spoilers for tonight's ER)
Abby sits in the rocking chair that she's pulled up next to Lily's crib, watching her daughter sleep. She has a bottle of wine, a leftover get well gift for Neela, in one hand, her phone in the other. The alcohol isn't doing enough to calm her nerves as she plays the events of the evening over and over in her mind - a panicked call from the babysitter, carrying a bleeding Lily into the ER, not being able to hold her baby while she endured a CT scan and an MRI. As she sits there, she feels even more alone than she had in the hospital, waiting for test results.

The two calls she's received since arriving home - a telemarketer and then later, Chuny, checking up on Lily - were not the call she's needed ever since the babysitter came running into the ambulance bay with Lily in her arms. She's more than a little upset as her finger hovers over the redial button; she's lost track of how many messages she's left on Lee's phone over the course of the evening. She takes another long drink and turns the phone over and over in her hands.

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Offering to drop Morreti of at County, Lee uses the excuse that he's all ready there to go up to his office and check on a few things before going home. After parking the car, he opens the trunk to get into his suit case.

That morning he'd inadvertently packed his cell phone in with his clothing and hadn't bothered to retrieve it before checking his bag at the airport. Now, he digs through the side pockets on the suitcase and pulls out the small device, surprised that it's flashing full of missed calls. He's putting his keys in the door to his office as he plays back the first message from Abby, her panicked voice sending a wave of cold fear down his spine. He doesn't even let it play all the way through before he hangs up and calls her phone, all ready heading back down to the ER on the assumption that they are still there.

Abby answers her phone on the first ring, not bothering to check the ID before bringing it to her ear. Hello?

Abigail? He's relieved to hear her voice as he stops in the hallway to gather his thoughts and calm down. Lily...

She immediately feels tears spring to her eyes when she hears his voice. Where are you?

I just got back to the hospital. He shakes his head, frowning when he doesn't see her name on the board in the ER. Where are you, Lily? How is she? My God, I'm so sorry I didn't have my phone. How is she? He asks again, needing to hear that the baby is okay.

You didn't get my messages? She's upset at the idea that he hasn't even bothered to listen to her messages about their daughter's condition. We're home, the MRI was clear...Why didn't you have your phone? Her voice is sharp, confused and upset.

MRI? His head snaps up at that, Lily's accident must have been severe for her to need an extensive scan. My phone was in my luggage...why did she need an MRI? What the hell happened?

The CT scan showed a dark area where she hit her head...Her hands are shaking again, as well as her voice, as she parrots the words that had sent her almost into panic mode. A subtle high density irregularity in the left parietal region.

And she's at *home*?! He can't help his tone as panic and fear take place of common sense. Why isn't she here being observed? Are you crazy? Who discharged her, I'll have their ass on a platter.

The MRI was clear! She hears her voice rising and she consciously works on quieting it, with a look at the sleeping baby in the crib. The MRI was clear. She repeats, quieter, though the tremble is still in her voice. And yes, she's home. *I'm* observing her. She's sleeping.

You're certain there was no sign of subdural hemorrhage? Who read the films? He's being paranoid and he knows it, but he doesn't care. He's also making his way back to his office to gather his things and head home. How the hell did this happen? How did she get hurt?

*I* read the films. And Pratt and...She presses her lips together, recalling Pratt's care, his assurance that she wasn't alone, when all she wanted was her husband there. She...the babysitter...she fell from the...a...jungle gym. I think. The details are fuzzy for her; she'd stopped listening once she'd scooped her daughter up and run with her into the ER. Ten feet...She's rambling but can't stop herself, her voice sounding desperate even to her own ears. She wasn't sure...Are you coming home?

Jesus fucking...He starts swearing, not at her but at the sitter and at the fact that his baby was allowed to be put in such a position to be hurt in the first place. I'm leaving now. He takes a deep breath and tries to calm down as he hears the desperation in her voice. It'll be okay, Abigail. I'm coming home, all right? I'll be there soon.

She nods and tells herself to calm down, her baby's here and sleeping and fine, but her head is fuzzy from the panic and the wine and her anger she still feels at him for not being there, not even being on the phone. She doesn't voice any of that, and instead nods again. Okay...okay.

I'm walking to the car now. He tells her, assuming her panic is due to Lily being hurt and nothing more. Will you be okay if I hang up?

I'll be fine. I'm fine. She says quickly, turning her wineglass in her hand, knowing she needs to put the drink away before he arrives home.

You don't sound fine. He's sure she isn't anywhere approaching fine, he knows he isn't.

I'm fine. She insists. Just come home.

I am. I'll see you soon. I'll see Lily soon. He bites his lip as he ends the call, hurrying to his car, the need to get home suddenly much stronger than even a minute ago.

She nods and stands up quickly when the call is ended, wanting to be sure to hide the wine. She sways on her feet slightly, from standing too quickly or from the alcohol or both, she's not entirely sure. She swears under her breath and makes her way to the master bedroom, hiding the partial bottle of wine at the back of her underwear drawer of her dresser. Then she goes back to the nursery, sitting in the rocking chair, as close as she can get to Lily's crib, to wait for Lee.

In the car, he's halfway down the block before he gets annoyed enough by the car's seatbelt censor to fasten the restraint. His worry over Lily, over what could have happened overshadows the knowledge that the baby is obviously well enough to be at home. As he drives, much faster than he should, he starts to wonder what the nanny was doing to allow Lily to sustain such an injury, the woman surely wasn't watching his baby. By the time he pulls into the driveway he's worked himself around to calling himself an idiot for not having his phone on him, for being out of reach when his family needed him.

He lets himself into the house, closing the door behind himself and heads right up the stairs, not bothering to put his keys down or take off his jacket first. Walking into the nursery, he goes over to the crib, needing to see for himself that Lily is all right.
Oh, Lily...His fingers skim the bandaged brow of the sleeping baby. Abigail, I'm so sorry...

She feels her eyes fill when she hears his voice but she keeps her gaze trained on the baby. She wants to ask him where he'd been, why he hadn't been there for her, for Lily, but she stays quiet.

He looks to her when she doesn't say anything. How has she been? How long ago did she go down?

She rests her hand on the side of the crib. She's been sleeping for about an hour.

He takes the opportunity to wrap his arm around her waist and hug her to his side. I wish I had been here...

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