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one year
listening to baby monitor
I need to get birthday pictures off the camera, but here's one of Lily from tonight's bath:

And for comparison's sake, her first bath at the hospital:

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Oh my...she really has gotten so big, hasn't she?

And we need to get you a better camera.

I know. I hadn't realized how much until I went looking for her first pictures.

Oh really?

I find it hard to believe she used to be so small.

I thought maybe you'd like a better camera since you've been taking a lot of pictures. It's just an idea.

I do, too. Of course, she was never all that small...

Well, you have sold me on the whole picture taking thing, at least when it comes to Lily.

All right, I know she was a large baby...still, she seemed so small when I held her that first time.

One of these days I'll get you on the other side of the camera too.

I know. To me, too.

Hm. Maybe. Although I would like a family picture. Of all of us.

We keep saying we'll do that.

Make an appointment with a photographer and we will.

All right. When works best for you?

Anytime other than Wednesdays.

Okay. I'll start looking for someplace.

What a babydoll! Abby, you should bring her to work more. Or you could let me babysit. I'm really good with little kids.

Her sister's been babysitting a lot lately, actually. But thanks; I'll keep that in mind.

Okay. I really mean, Abby. I'd love to babysit her. She's SO cute.

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