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with lily purple hat
My baby girl is now one year old. I honestly don't know where this year went. It seems like yesterday Lee was putting her in my arms for the first time. I know, everyone says that...I always kind of rolled my eyes at that, thought it was so cliche, but god, it's true. How did she get so old, so fast?

Something new every day. I missed a lot while I was gone; I can't say how much I regret that. She's so close to walking. She has new words. I already missed her first word; I never wanted to miss more.

She's so precious. Oh, she's got a mischievous little attitude like you wouldn't believe. But she truly is the happiest little girl I've ever known. And she's a morning person. (She gets that from Lee, obviously.) But hey, it makes my mornings all that much better to see her little face light up while she's saying my name, reaching for me. It's kind of a rush.

Oh, shut up. I'm her mother; I get to babble about my little girl.


Trying not to think about drinking only makes me think about it more. I've had a bit of Lee's vodka, but he's going to notice if I take much more. There's a box of wine here, get well present that Neela neglected to take with her (who the hell gives box wine to someone recovering from life-threatening injuries and on pain medication?! on second thought, who the hell gives box wine to anyone, period?), but even I'm not that desperate. Yet.

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She gets the attitude from you, you know.

I know.

She gets that face from you.

WHat face would that be?


What are you trying to say, Abigail?

Just that she and you tend to make similar goofy faces. It's not a bad thing.

I didn't think it was. I kind of like that she takes after me in some ways.

I love that she looks like you though.

I love that she's a mix of both of us.

I suppose she is, sometimes she looks so much like Sophie at that age. But when I look at her, I do just see you.

It's just the curls. Admit it.

You and Shirley keep saying that.

That's because Shirley and I are right.

You're women, how can you be right?

For your own good, I'm going to pretend you never said that.

Don't hurt me. I love you.

I'm not going to hurt you.

You're kinda scary, doc.

What exactly is scary about me?

It's like Spazz rotted part of your brain.

What part of my post indicated rotted brain to you?

The part where you babble about Lily growing. Isn't that what babies do?

I have yet to meet a baby who babbles about their growth.

Awww...happy birthday Lily.

Do you have pictures? I bet she was just precious.

I put a picture from tonight on my journal, but I still need to get birthday pictures off the camera.

Ooooh! I can't wait. I love baby pictures.

What's that I hear? Could it be Mrs. Dubenko's biological clock ticking?

When was the last time you got your hearing checked?

That's sweet of you to worry about my health.

Occupational hazard, really.

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